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Masha’s Colour Book


First off, a quick thank you to everyone who purchased their Madonna Piece by @BookMasha!

Second, you now have an option to add some extra utility to that amazing piece you just pulled!

Each NFT Holder will receive a one time use code to purchase their Madonna T-shirt from our shop for a discounted price.

Your T-shirt will be signed by the artist herself, include your NFT Mint #, as well as a QR code that links directly to the digital Image.

To purchase your tee, follow this link. If you need your code, please contact @MistahCheetah @SoFresh111 @Cryptoswagio or @BookMasha on twitter.

Good, now that we’ve got a new beautiful NFT and we’ve got our tee ordered up, let’s give you some more background information, from the one and only Mariela.

“Hi everybody, my name is Mariela aka Masha!
A little more about me, I’m from Bulgaria but currently live in London. Art and drawing were always my passion, although for the last few years I didn’t had the chance to do it very often. After finishing art related high school, I worked as an illustrator for children’s books for about 11 years in Bulgaria back in the days.

The CNFT space gave me another opportunity and inspiration to start doing what I love again, thanks to my boyfriend, who convinced me there is something I can bring to this awesome community.

First, I want to thank all of you, who are supporting our project, my team members and of course for making this awesome collaboration a reality. Love you all !!!”

Crypto Swag would like to thank Masha’s Colour Book for the opportunity to bring some utility to the Cardano NFT Space. This has been a new and exciting adventure for us, and we are excited to see where this goes!

If you’re looking to collaborate with Crypto Swag, please contact us or find us on twitter at @cryptoswagio